Cleveland Fine Art and Antique Movers

Fragile. This one word summarizes fine art and antiques. Arrow Moving & Storage takes the word "fragile" seriously when performing antique and fine art moving. If your artwork or antiques don't fit into our moving boxes, we will create a customized crate - sized to snugly fit your items. With a custom crate sized to meet your needs, this ensures the support your item needs during transport. As an agent of Mayflower, Arrow Moving & Storage also has access to the best in moving truck transportation services. Our trucks are air-ride equipped to give our trailer a cushioned journey, unmatched by trucks without the air-ride feature.

Along with artwork, antique moving is taken seriously by Arrow movers. Often these items are high-value because of the item's age. Historical trinkets are also more fragile because over the years, some items, like paper documents become brittle. Glassware when exposed to the cold may shatter, which is why our climate-controlled trailers are a must for antique moving transportation. We can move all types of fine art and antiques to anywhere in the world. The antique and fine art moving company has the following benefits:

  • Custom Crating
  • Secure Packing
  • Air-Ride Trailers
  • Climate-Controlled Trailer

Receive the benefits of moving your artwork and/or antiques with the qualified movers Since 1936, our company was founded upon an excellent work ethic to bring quality to our customers. We have accomplished this for over 70 years. Give us a call today to discuss our fine art and antique moving services or fill out our online moving quote form to receive a free moving estimate.