Cleveland Household Storage

Household Storage

No matter what type of household you live in, everyone wishes they had a little extra space in their home. Even if you have a crawlspace or a basement, you may find yourself packing items into your spare bedroom and before you know it the bedroom has become a storage unit instead of a room for guests! And living in Ohio we all know how much space our lawn mowers, snow blowers, and holiday decorations take up in the garage. At Services we offer the chance to get your space back at a reasonable price. Other Houston and Cleveland household storage companies cannot compare to our custom packages and pricing!

We stand above the rest because we don't just offer preset household storing packages. No family or individual is going to have the exact same storage needs so why would any company force their customers to choose one? And no matter what you choose to store it will be protected by fire and theft protection. Our safety standards are always high and we provide you with convenient options, including pickup and delivery service. We do it all here at Services.

Cleveland Household Storage

As with all of our services, we serve Houston and all of Greater Cleveland. We have two storage facilities to accommodate your needs and are willing to give you a tour upon request. When you choose, you will receive:

  • Fire and Theft Protection
  • Short and Long Term Packages
  • Climate Controlled Available
  • Pickup and Delivery Available
  • Manual Inventory Management System

Are you ready for a free Houston household storage quote? Our representatives are standing by and prepared to answer any questions you may have. Call us at or fill out our online form today!